Our cushion keeps good posture of patient while sitting. Special abductor wedge reduces contractures of abductors and maintains the legs in the required position. Anatomic shape and lateral supports of BodyMap® A+ cushion prevent against the anterior pelvic tilt what provides comfort for bony prominences such as coccyx and sitting bones. This solution reduces the risk of bedsores. This produuct is available in 5 sizes. Please contact us for measurements. This product is also available in a variety of colours and cover material for an extra charge.



  • Bedsores
  • contracture of the adductor muscles of the hip
  • neurogenic disease with increased muscle tension within the pelvis
  • hip replacement


  • Shaped form last for a long time
  • Easy to individual shape modeling
  • Use in wheelchair, positioning chair, chair or in the car
  • Optional cover made of thermo active foam
  • Self adhesive function
  • Waterproof

BodyMap Seat Positioning Cushion with Abductor Wedge


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