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The Jockey Therapy Chair By Krabat

The Jockey active therapy chair has been designed and created by adaptive and mobility extraordinaires, Krabat for the development of special needs children and special needs teens between the ages of 2 and 14 years.
The Krabat Jockey is available in two convenient sizes, each of which provides the maximum usage period and comprehensive adjustability to facilitate young and growing, active bodies.
What sets the Krabat Jockey apart from other special needs activity chairs is its employment of a saddle seat, which provides the lower body spread and centre of gravity to minimize the need for excessive upper body support, hereby freeing the upper limbs and torso for true freedom of movement and the capacity for complex and dynamic therapy activities.
The neutral positioning of the pelvis, induced by the saddle system, maintains the S-curvature of the spine over time, while centering the lower extremity joints, normalizing muscle tone and length.
All in all, this sitting position has been found to minimize and prevent muscle contractures, hip pain and subluxations.
That said, sufficient, contoured upper body support is provided for the purposes of comfort, correct postural positioning and body alignment; although the saddle seat does a lot to promote an upright seating position on its own.
Numerous optional accessories are also available, for varying degrees of positioning requirements, including positioning pillows, hip belts and chest support straps.
The consistency of the saddle seat can also be altered, in order to eliminate pressure in patients who are particularly sensitive to pressure sores and the like.
This is done by including optional seat padding accessories to be installed on order, such as gel infills and extra pressure cushioning.
Feet are kept securely in position by two, independently adjustable foot rests with optional ankle straps and a common footplate accessory is also available if required.
This lightweight, foldable and completely portable therapy chair’s saddle seat is height adjustable, via a simple tool-less, push button mechanism on the undercarriage or, in the electric undercarriage version, by remote control.
The Krabat Jockey is made mobile by four dual, lockable, swiveling castors and while all frame options are black, the user has a selection of textile color options to choose from, including red, grey, pink, black and beige.
Optional accessories also include a push bar and support handle, as well as an adjustable table for learning material, art items and other therapy aids.
The Krabat Jockey is the winner of a Rehacare Best Design award, in 2008 and a Reddot Design Winner award in 2009 and comes highly recommended by professionals in the industry.


  • Available in manual and electric undercarriage versions

  • Manual version maximum user weight: 143.3 lbs for size 1 and size 2

  • Electric version maximum user weight: 110.2 lbs for size 1 and size 2

  • Available in beige, black, pink, grey and red textile options

  • Size 1 for 2-8 years

  • Size 2 for 8-14 years

  • Comfortable, adjustable saddle seat

  • Comfortable contoured backrest

  • Independently adjustable footrests

  • Lightweight, foldable

  • Electric option with remote control

  • Four dual, lockable, swiveling castors

Optional Accessories Include:

Ankle Cuffs Size 1 and 2, Hip Belt Medium, Large and Extra Large, Table Size 1 and 2, Hip Belt with Buckle Medium and Large, Chest Support Small and Medium, Push Bar, Support Handle, Battery, Charger, Common Footrest Size 1 And 2, Positioning Pillow, Seat Gel Filling Size 1 and 2, Cushion Supracor Size 1 and 2, Cushion Pressure Relief Size 1 and 2

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We offer free of charge assessment trials throughout the UK, so please contact us today for more information and we will happily find a date and time that suits you.

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Krabat Pilot

The Krabat Pilot is an innovative and unique type of crawling aid that supports the child in a 4-footed stance with weightbearing through the hips and shoulders. The product is different than other types of crawling aids due to its adjustable gas spring which gives the child dynamic assistance to lift their pelvis. The amount of assistance given by the gas spring can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of the child. In addition, the height and length of the Pilot can be altered, making the Krabat suitable  for children between the ages of 1-5 years.

The Co-Pilot system, which consists of two knee pads and two elastic bands, was developed to protect the child’s knees and give adequate friction wooden and lineloum floors. The elastic band help to limit hip abduction and guide the child into a crawling position.

Max. user weight: 25 kg User age: approx. 1-5 years Board width: 25 cm Board length: 21-28 cm Board height: 15-21 cm Product weight: 1,9 kg