iKAN brace

Our new hkafo brace has been designed to requests from medical professionals in the UK. They have asked for a brace which they can trial with their patients. They have asked for it be adjustable. They have asked for the degree clocks to be tamper proof for safety and they have asked for wide user age range. We listened to their requests and now we have delivered. Available for purchase from anywhere in the world and with manufacturing times of 4 weeks (if not in stock), we bring you the iKAN hkafo brace...


changing lives for the better

  • Paediatric fully adjustable hkafo brace.

  • Can be used as a mobile stander or walking device.

  • Minimum height from under arms 85 without top piece / 95cm with top piece attached to 115cm maximum height. We believe this will fit the average 6/7year old child up to the average 11/12 year old child.

  • Rehabilitation device to aid standing and walking.

  • Robust design.

  • Detachable top brace support.

  • Degree clocks at the hip, knee and ankle joints which are tamper proof.

  • Easy to adjust fixings.

  • Removeable lower back, front chest and knee pads

robust design. built to last.

  • Can be used for professional or private individual use.

  • Multi user option - ideal for hospitals, rehabilitation centres, schools etc

  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • 28 days ‘no question’ return policy.

  • Available to purchase direct from our online shop.

  • Export enquiries welcomed and we will send to anywhere in the world.

  • 58cm – 71cm inside leg / 9cm – 12.5cm foot width. Average users 6/7 years old to 11/12 years of age.

  • Users can wear splints, paediatric boots, chest brace and hoist vests inside the brace.

  • Weight of iKAN is 4.7kg approx.

fully adjustable hkafo brace

For children who have the following conditions or similar

  • cereral palsy

  • spina bifida

  • spinal muscular atrophy

  • traumatic brain injury

  • multiple sclerosis

  • polio

  • undiagnosed conditions

  • hip dysplasia

  • scoliosis

We will set the iKAN to the users height measurements before delivery if required.

The iKAN braces can be used with walkers, rollators, crutches, walking frames, hoists and on walking bars etc. It is also used in alternative therapies such as Therasuit Therapy (Spider Therapy) and Mollii suit Therapy​

Quantum Healthcare Products strongly recommends you seek professional medical advice when purchasing this product.


Rafael (12) using our iKAN brace with crutches.

All our videos show the iKAN fully 'open', meaning the hip, knee and ankle degree clocks have the flexion pins taken out. This is to allow the user full 'freedom' when trying on the iKAN, and allows the physio and family to gauge where the user requires support from the iKAN's degree clocks - at the hips, knee, ankles or a variety of all.


Leonardo without the iKAN brace


Leonardo using the iKAN brace.


Tadgh using the iKAN brace.


Kitty using the iKAN brace.


Daniel (8) walking without the iKAN brace


Daniel (8) walking with the iKAN brace.


Marley (8) walking in the iKAN .


Young Thomas (8) walking in his walker without the iKAN.


Thomas (8) walking in the iKAN brace.


Ellie (8) using her iKAN brace.


iKAN hkafo brace gallery


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