HKAFO Orthosis

changing lives

QUANTUM HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS are proud to be the UK & Ireland exclusive distributor of this HKAFO orthosis. This is a general brace system for anyone who requires maintaining an upright position of the body or who learning or retraining to walk.

Each system is specifically manufactured for the individual and is produced upon order to the the measurements taken from the patient. Every aspect is taken into consideration - such as feeding tubes and deformations for example.

Our braces is used in 2 ways. Firstly it can be used as a starting point as a mobile standing frame for patients who have no or little upper body strength. Secondly it can be used as a starting point for those you have some upper body strength and can 'walk' either using a walker or by free walking. These users normally require less support from the braces but are needing the hkafo to help with posture and alignment of the body.

Both starting points use the braces to support therapy of lack of stability and control of the pelvis, hip joints and lower extremities in such conditions as:

spina bifida

hip dysplasia

spinal muscular atrophy

multiple sclerosis

cerebral palsy

traumatic brain injury.

Please read our informative literature attached to the button link 'more info' below to find more information on the huge benefits this system has to offer.


Every demonstration and assessment we offer is free of charge and can be carried out at a place that is most comfortable for your and most importantly the patient. This can be at your own home, school, rehabilitation or conductive education centre, hospital or friends house. We will show you how the product works, the benefits it offers, how to carry out basic maintenance (if needed) and answer any questions you have to ask about the brace. We can talk to you about our experiences and tell you the feedback we have from the families whose children are using the brace -  examples of this feedback is how light and mobile the brace is and easy to transport, and how the brace offers their child huge inclusion benefits at school and at home.

Contact us today to book a product demonstration visit!!


Once the brace has been received by ourselves from the manufacturer, we will contact you to arrange a fitting date. When this date has been set, a member of our team will visit you and fit the brace to the patient. We will then spend some time with you and the user doing some general movements to make sure everything fits correctly and comfortably.

When everything is accepted by yourselves and especially the patient, our team member will run through some training. This will include how safely to remove and put on the brace day to day safety checks and general maintenance of the braces. Each hkafo brace comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Of course we are only a phone call away if you ever have any questions or require some assistance.

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