BodyMap Stabilising Products

We are very happy to be the UK & Ireland Exclusive distributor of BodyMap Vacuum Stabilising Products. This innovative range of vacuum moulded products offers the user ultimate stabilisation and comfort and makes ill fitting or incorrect sized seating a thing of the past. The cushions or seats are cleverly moulded to the shape of the user, but unlike actual moulded wheelchairs, seating or chairs, the BodyMap cushions and seats can be easily changed and remoulded. This can be for same user when their shape improves or to a brand new user. The cushions and seats can be washed or wiped clean and are even waterproof, making them a real cost effective solution for moulded seating.

Please see the below some examples of the BodyMap products. These products are available direct from our online shop or we are happy to give you a product demonstration in you own home, school, centre or hospital. Please just get in contact with us to make arrangements or find out further information. We are happy to send you the full BodyMap catalogue in PDF form to your email box or in the post.

body map2.jpg