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Dynamic Stander/Walker

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Special Needs Stroller

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Rehabilitation Chair

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Rehabilitation Chair

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Dynamic Stander

5 sizes from £1175

Racer Special Needs Stroller

4 sizes from £1220

Rehabilitation Chair

universal size  £885

Positioning Chair

3 sizes from  £725

Nova Special Needs Stroller

Racer Home Special Needs Stroller

Hippo Special Needs Stroller

 Racer Evo Special Needs Stroller

           Featured Product:

  Nova Special Needs Stroller

Our cosy special needs stroller is ideal for people with locomotor disabilities and is especially recommended for people with high spasticity levels, as well as those requiring additional stabilisation. The deep seat provides a comfortable position in the stroller, which helps to correct posture defects and significantly prevents their deepening.


Numerous adjustments and a wide range of the accessories make it possible to adapt the stroller to the individual needs of the user. An adjustable footrest and the 3-step tilt-in-space function of the seat enable the users to travel in a comfortable position.


The stroller is easy to drive on both flat and uneven terrain. Thanks to its simple and lightweight design, the NOVA® stroller can be easily folded for transportation. It takes up little space in the trunk due to its compact dimensions. The construction of the stroller allows you to adjust the distance between the wheel axles. They can be mounted widely to increase the stability of the stroller, or narrowly to increase the manoeuvrability.

The stroller is available in 3 sizes.


Stable structure
The device ensures adequate stability and safety of user.

Reflective elements
The product has reflective elements to ensure your safety.

24-month warranty
We offer 24-month warranty on the product.

We also provide after sales service.


Easy to use
Intuitive way of adjustment and easy assembly.


The device is able to change hip angle.


Lightweight construction
The product is made of light metal alloys which positively affects the low weight of the device.

Inflatable wheels guarantee better comfort for the passenger of the stroller, while the stroller is being driven. The wheels are equipped with a quick release system and after detaching the wheels, the stroller obtains even smaller dimensions and can be easily folded for transportation.

Smart Traction system  makes it possible to change the position of the wheel axles. The wheels can be mounted closer to each other to achieve a greater manoeuvrability, or further for a greater stability.

The compact dimensions of the stroller and easy folding make it fit even into small car trunks.

The upholstery has three fixing points (backrest and sides of the stroller), thanks to which the seat responds to the movements of the user’s body

AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES      FROM £ 1150.00

 *accessories & upgrades available at an extra cost, contact   us for details.


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